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I had an interesting transaction recently.My buyer purchased a condo that had been on the market only a few days.  We were fortunate to get the property without competition in today's market and we knew it, so we offered above listing price, and found ourselves quickly under contract.As part of o...
I'm not sure exactly why I find this photo/situation to be quite so sad on this mother's day.   A couple of days ago, this sweet little dog was found leashed securely to a fire hydrant in a community near Green Bay, Wisconsin along with a backpack filled with her favourite toys, food and a note e...
Oh, c'mon!  I mean personal comfort at the workplace is one thing, but this is something entirely different.According to Julie Hambleton, a freelance writer, there is now a trend in American companies to offer their employees unique relaxation techniques on the job with Virtual Reality Wankpods, ...
I don't know what it is about this one that really appealed to me.  I know the original version by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, that I've always liked.  I thought that it was so cool how they said: "givitaway, givitaway, givitaway now" so quickly it sounded like someone scatting.And the group had a...
I don't know what your region is like, but the housing market in my area (greater Chicagoland) is still crazy.  Lots and lots of multiple offers, listing agent restricting access to properties to just a couple of days, and then reviewing offers.A recent listing that I showed to one of my buyers h...
It's that time of year, when the advertisers usually reach for your pocket... but in this case, Chevrolet reached for your heartstrings.And in my opinion, it was a massive success.  I'm a car guy, so I really liked it.  I'm also an older guy, so it resonated with me, but I also think you'll enjoy.
Those individual snowflakes are beautiful and delightful.  Downright gorgeous. It's when they get together in those large conventions that I can't handle them.You know, they get all their friends together, and they hang around for a long time and throw parties, sleepovers and stuff.  You know wha...
People ask me all the time where I find this stuff... and I just don't know.  Sometimes this stuff just lands right in my lap.  It drops right out of the sky and plops right into my lap.< And I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan, so a little icing on the cake.  But this homecoming routine is just delightf...
In CE classes today, we were discussing service animals and the like.  Well, it turns out that in 2020, HUD released a document for those who are interested to use as a reference as to the type of service animals that should/could be allowed as service animals.It gives you guidelines to use as la...

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