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 I love Sunday mornings, quiet start followed by a great breakfast, the gym, usually some real estate work and then fun time. This Sunday will be one of THOSE days but minus the work part. Happy Sunday all! I dare you to give me a call today and give me a reason to work!
I have always believed that the adage about the"early bird" was true. I am one and have a thousand examples of why it is true. Getting a brilliant head start on the day is one of reasons why that is a good thing. Another reason is it may provide you with tranquility and peace as you witness the e...
Living in Miami you see lots of gorgeous boats. Anything from the sexy speed boat variety to the glamorous mega yachts. Sometimes a yacht combines size and pure sexiness, when that happens you get a yacht like this named...Pure Insanity.She is 113 feet of sexy beauty and can glide through the wat...
At sunrise on a clear Thursday morning in mid-January it's 65 degrees. I though it would feel chilly but it was fresh and very pleasant. Still I await the rise to the mid seventies in a couple of hours. Our winter weather is pretty hard to beat unless you enjoy the freezing icy weather with gray ...
As the sun rises on a winter day in mid January I enjoyed my second cup of coffee poolside. First cup was also out there at 6:00 am bathed in the glow of a very bright waining moon.I will take 72 degrees at sunrise anytime. It's always a good day to shop for a home in south Florida!
We Floridians especially the southern most beach dwelling variety love our warm sunny weather. I never tire of it and it never gets old. Yesterday we got "the" cold front and temps plunged. Today is not much better, as I type this post my hands are frozen, I have to keep stopping to rub them toge...
What more to ask, the new year is getting in gear and the sky is clear! I love waking up to balmy 70 degree weather with 80 degree highs in January! Never gets old and it will soon be 40 years  for me that I made that decision to leave the cold gray north. No regrets! Is it time for you? Call me ...
  Just what the Chamber of Commerce ordered. All week has been just perfect weather wise. I know it's hard to feel in the Christmas spirit with weather like this but been there done that. Christmas Eve and day are nice with all the snow but after that you can keep it! See you on the beach.  
Once again I have been followed by a FAKE Active Rainer. This is the second one in about two weeks. Not exactly sure what the intentions of these "Babes" are on here but it is curious as to "why" they are invading.Introducing Emma Ohman (last name says a lot!), her profile is most interesting to ...
Normally I post the daytime glory of warm and sunny Miami temps. This evening I am posting, well, evening temps and glory. This 78 degree reading with clear skies at nearly 6pm is why I live on this beautiful sand bar.   Check out the forecast for the rest of the week-not too shabby!

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