I see a lot on AR about referrals that turn out to not really be referrals.  Is anyone really surprised?  Think about it.  When you refer someone you are placing your credibility in someone else's hands.  Your credibility is now at risk.  Personally speaking, I have to have the utmost assurance t...
Psycotic? Maybe. Psychic? Definately not!!!An earlier post touched on those five famous words, "How can I help you?".  I can assure you that I am not a mind reader, so it is relatively safe to say that I do not know the best way I can help others.  I depend on them to share their needs.  Not know...
Being a resource for others is the key to having others refer business to you.  Every successful business person enjoys it when a good referral is passed to them, but how do you get others to pass you referrals on a consistent basis? It is relatively easy.  Ask those five famous words, "How can I...
As an Area Director for BNI in Southwestern Virginia, I am continually amazed at the number of business professionals that say they do not have time to receive referrals from a BNI chapter.Is it me or what? I would spend a half-day with someone if they were going to refer someone to me. I also kn...

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In support of the BNI Mission, 'To help...', I will make every attempt to stay focused on the three main tenants of BNI...STRUCTURE, COMMITTMENT and EDUCATION