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A friend of mine, who is an Investor, buys homes at the foreclosure auctions (courthouse steps) and sells homes.  He called me to ask me if I had any Appraiser’s phone numbers I could give him that he could get a quick appointment with, because the one he normally uses is out of town and the Appr...
With so many people losing their homes these days, I wanted to share some information about using to the bankruptcy system to help someone stay in their home instead of doing a short sale or a Foreclosure.  Every situation is different.  Since I work as a bankruptcy consultant/paralegal at a law ...
 (this is a re-post, was deleted in error) This was interesting today.  I get a lot of people that come through the law firm I work at with the most unusual housing situations to see if they qualify for bankruptcy.  Well, this couple bought a home together in 2005 and now cannot afford the mortga...
I just noticed that some of my blogs are missing.  I guess I must have deleted them by accident.  I am going to try to put them back on but I was just wondering if this has happened to any of you.  I don't know how I did that.   Anyway, am I the only one this has happened to.  It is really frustr...
    If you are thinking about letting the home go through foreclosure and considering Bankruptcy as an option, and need to rent a home, then RENT before filing bankruptcy.  It is more difficult to rent a home after bankruptcy then to buy a home after bankruptcy.  My clients have experienced this ...
I was just speaking to a neighboring real estate agent who told me that some people she met, who are not well informed of what happens in a short sale, gave $3000 to a Real Estate Company who said they will not lose their home if they listed with them to do a short sale.  The owners have not seen...
The more I talk to people who are thinking about letting their home go to Foreclosure, just giving up, the more I realize that they think this decision will end their dilemma and everything stops because they are giving the home back to the bank.  I explain that after a home goes to foreclosure t...
Yesterday’s market has created problems with property owners paying their mortgage timely or affording their mortgage, which leaves them with difficult decisions to make. Try to keep the property and continue to be house poor and struggle with the stress of trying to keep up. Attempt a short sale...

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