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Almost Anything Goes Almost Anything Goes
Please be aware that we have updated the criteria in this group due to fact there are too many users clogging up the group with solicitations,listings,market reports,localism posts,and jokes...slan...
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Power of Activerain Power of Activerain
With all the comments and posts about "The power of Active Rain" I thought there should be a group to put those posts in. Together we can share our stories about the Power. Stories about how AR has...
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This group is more personalized then the other groups at Activerain. Just a bunch of friends that want to post blogs and comment to each others blogs instead of your blogs being lost and unread amo...
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Post Your Properties Here Post Your Properties Here
Post Your Properties Here! is the new sister group of the same name on This group is a great place for real estate professionals and Investors to advertise your real estate for free. ...
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Travelers In The Rain Travelers In The Rain
After doing the Virtual Traveller contest, I discovered that many of us love to travel whether through blogposts or for REAL. This group has been created to share your travels with us so that we ca...
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All Real Estate - Today and Tomorrow All Real Estate - Today and Tomorrow
This group is about the Real Estate market, how it is today and the changes of tomorrow. Real Estate Laws, Rules, etc. are forever changing and as Agents we need to continue learning and educating ...
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ActiveRain MasterMinds ActiveRain MasterMinds
ActiveRain Monthly Masterminds Shaping the future, creating the solutions through diplomacy and think-tank technology Here's how it works: ActiveRain members will have the ability to assemble their...
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Hyper-Local Hyper-Local
All posts related to the hyper-local groups and marketing category of Active Rain.
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Addicted to Active Rain Addicted to Active Rain
WELCOME to the Addicted to Active Rain group! This is for the person who is just hooked on Active Rain. You know who you are, you join not really expecting much. Then you find all kinds of amazing...
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Active Rain Newbies Active Rain Newbies
Do whatever you want in this group..Introduce yourself, ask questions. Go to ACTIVERAINMANUAL.COM for all your questions! Remember to come back here after you "graduate" and help others. Active Rai...
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North Carolina Real Estate North Carolina Real Estate
For all Realtors, staging professionals, loan officers, and anyone else supporting real estate in the state of North Carolina. Everyone, feel free to bring over any classic posts that might be help...
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Market Reports Market Reports
This group is for market reports only. Any posts in the group that aren’t market reports, or tips about the creation and use of market reports, will be deleted. Thank you.
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Wordsmith Wordsmith
This group is dedicated to those who wish to use words not readily associated with real estate but can use them to associate it with something in real estate. No vulgarities please and enjoy…
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Trivia 21 Trivia 21
This group is devoted to trivia from around the world.   While the primary purpose of this group is trivia feel free to post about anything on your mind.   
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Around The Water Cooler Around The Water Cooler
Do you want to talk about your latest listing? Share it here. Feel the need to discuss how many Olympic medals we’ve won, who is going to win the Super Bowl or any other casual sports talk? Talk to...
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2015 Market Reports 2015 Market Reports
What's happening in your real estate market in 2015? Post your 2015 Market Reports and Trends here. Please only post market trends, market reports, market data in this group. This includes real est...
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Charlotte NC Real Estate Charlotte NC Real Estate
Dedicated professionals serving the communities of the Charlotte North Carolina area.
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This group is for members to Express with Videos and it follows some of my other (Great Groups) like ..... EXPRESS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AT ACTIVERAIN ..... EXPRESS WITH WORDS AT ACTIVERAIN & EXPRESS W...
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Crap-Tacular Crap-Tacular
If you had a crap-tac-u-lar day or someone crapped on your parade and you want to talk/blog about it, then this group is for you. This is a place where you can Crap-A-Tude. If you found an MLS phot...
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Charlotte North Carolina Area Charlotte North Carolina Area
Find out what's happening in Charlotte and how it may affect your business.
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